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ebay, travelocity, netgear …and us

Eric and Judy Carlson founded our company in 1996 – the same year that the above companies were founded! Those were the days that Judy’s Mother would call and say, “You have to watch Tom Brokaw tonight! He’s going to mention the Internet!”

It was also the year that IBM’s Deep Blue computer program inflicted a narrow but psychologically crushing defeat on Kasparov in the glare of global attention.

this is where you glaze over

why us?

High Redundancy

All data centers we use have top level of redundancy of critical components. Electricity outages are prevented by multiple power feeds, on-site power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology. Redundant and geographically distributed backups across countries and continents are possible thanks to the availability of multiple locations of the Google Cloud’s facilities.

Fast Connectivity

All data centers we use offer high availability, low latency, and reliability. Our main data center partner – Google – is especially famous for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks. Route optimization technologies, connections to internet backbones, and other mechanisms are in place to guarantee high bandwidth capacity and fast connectivity.

Green Hosting

Our data centers are part of the green Google Cloud infrastructure. Google has not only been carbon-neutral for many years, but they match all electricity consumed by their servers and offices with energy from renewable sources like wind and solar. We are proud to partner with a company that’s on a mission to soon decarbonize its electricity supply completely!

Multi-layered Security

Google Cloud’s data centers – which we use – are protected with several layers of security to prevent any unauthorized access to your data. Server room access is limited to Google Cloud certified employees and 24/7 security teams are prepared to respond to any situation. Internet communication to the Google Cloud infrastructure is encrypted in transit and access to sensitive data is protected by advanced tools like phishing-resistant Security Keys.